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The vineyard

Bordeaux is the largest vineyard for appellation wines in the whole of France. Situated in the South West near the Atlantic, it is crossed by the rivers Garonne and Dordogne and enjoys a temperate maritime climate. The richness, the quality and the diversity of its wines derive from the particular character of the terroirs, the experience of the winegrowers and the art of blending. The tide, which flows up both of the region's rivers, brings very specific characteristics to the wines. With its huge size, Bordeaux reds offer an infinite palette of flavours and combine their qualities in myriad different ways.
M. M. Romain Planiol is the owner. Age of the vines: 15 years

Grape varieties : Merlot , Cabernet Franc , Cabernet Sauvignon .

Clay-limestone soil.

The winemaking

The grapes are harvested at full maturity and fermented traditionally in stainless-steel tanks at controlled temperature. Maceration is carefully controlled to give a rounded, balanced wine. Ageing in our cellars is in stainless-steel tanks and constant temperature. We ensure that our wines are stored under the best conditions.

The professional tasting note

Good solid red colour, crystal clear with hints of violet. Red fruits and spice on the nose. A very well balanced wine, supple and easy to drink.

The service

Open one hour before tasting. Serve at a cool temperature, 17 to 19°C. Can be enjoyed throughout the meal.



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Choosing a wine

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